At some point in our lives, we have all asked ourselves: “what sunglass style fits my face shape?” Anyone who has ever purchased sunglasses would understand this, even more so understand the struggle and confusion lots of individuals face when deciding what sunglasses looks best on them. Countless times in stores I have heard: “no this style doesn’t suit me”, “these look too big”, “these look too narrow”. Because in reality, every single one of our faces are different and all sunglasses sit differently on each of us. We have all experienced the common routine of trying on sunglass after sunglass to find the perfect one, the ‘needle in the haystack’. After you buy a few pairs of sunnies though and know your brand well, then it tends to get easier when it comes to purchasing.

Nowadays, facial shapes are often characterized into sections such as round, square, oval or heart shaped. Here are a few tips from Shevoke for what style would best suite you.

Round Facial Shapes: Wide forehead, full cheeks, rounded chin. Round facial shapes generally suite frame shapes such as squared, aviator, wayfarer and cat-eye. All about the curves, individuals with round faces should look for sunglasses with narrow angular frames that contrast well with your softer features. 



Square Facial Shapes: Wide forehead, broad cheeks, boxy jawline. Square facial shapes look amazing in shapes such as squared, rectangle, aviator, and wrap/shield. With a strong jawline, individuals with square faces should look for sunglasses with narrow frame styles that compliment the strong structure of your face.


Oval Facial Shapes: Narrow forehead, high cheekbones, narrow chin. Oval facial shapes, similar to round facial shapes, suite round, oversized, aviator and cat-eye shapes. With balanced proportions and softly rounded features, individuals with oval faces should look for sunglasses that widen out to the broadest part of your face. Oval shapes suit almost all frames and are perfect for experimenting with strong colours and unique styles.


Heart Facial Shapes: Wide forehead, high cheekbones, narrow/pointed chin. Heart facial shaped individuals tend to look best in oval, round, aviator, square, cat-eye and wayfarer shapes. With a broad forehead, frames that go up in the corners of the eye and have low temples are perfect for these individuals.



Although face shape is a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing sunglasses, remember that it isn’t everything. If it fits well and suits your personality, go for it. Because if you find a pair of sunglasses that you love, regardless of shape or size, these will be the perfect pair for you.

Lauren Cooper

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