Steampunk sunglasses are one of Shevoke’s most unique designs and styles, an alternative classic. This style of sunglass is the perfect accessory if you're wanting to add a bit of Steampunk flair and edge to your look, often times known as “wearable art”. You may be wondering though, what exactly is ‘Steampunk’? Steampunk has generated quite the following over the years, with the style flourishing since the early 1980’s into music, literature and fashion. The trend has certainly caught on and remained consistent throughout years of culture, so we only found it only suitable to incorporate this eccentric style into the Shevoke collection.
Shevoke offers a wide range of Steampunk sunglasses, each different in their own way. Some of our most loved styles are the AISHA (named after the beautiful Aisha Jade), SOCOTRA, NORTH & our new favourites GYPSY. 
Despite it's edgy appeal, the sunglasses can be worn on any occasion. It’s all about what you pair these sunnies with though, here are some tips we tend to go by when wearing your steampunk sunglasses. 

Often times, many people will match the colour of their sunglass lenses with other colourful accessories such as a necklace or a scarf. Vice-versa, you can always play it safe by pairing the sunglass with a simple black tee, giving your look a casual and relaxed feel. Tegan Martin wears the SOCOTRA sunglass below. 

A bikini isn't complete without a stylish pair of shades! The steampunk sunglasses are perfect for a day in the sun. Paired with any bikini colour, the ensemble is both bold and striking for any summer adventure. Kristina wears the NORTH-GOLD below. 

We've started to notice in the sunglass scene that everybody wants to outdo the next person in term of unique sunglasses. Our steampunk sunglasses certainly give your look that unique feel that not everyone is daring enough to try. Our motto "BE DARING, BE DIFFERENT, BE BOLD" x
Here is a list of Steampunk styles you need to try;
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Lauren Cooper

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