No surprise that sunglasses has become the new luxe, perfectly complimenting your face shape and adding an edge to your warm summer day out on the sand, or yacht - which ever you prefer. With the hundreds of up-and-coming different shapes and styles it's easy to get lost within the sunglasses world. Choosing the right specs for your face shape is a handy tool to have when preparing to dive in to the online extravaganza. Once you've got that step nailed the rest is easy breezy. If you're a little lost on what style sunglasses will compliment your face shape best we've got you covered:
Great news – your face shape is square. Bold features make you a natural head-turner. Features like a prominent forehead and a strong jawline characterize your distinctive look. This makes you the perfect candidate for a few different sunglass shapes. Try curvier frames like round, oval, cat eye, butterfly and semi-rimless to accentuate your eyes and playfully balance a striking jawline. And whether you’re dressing to impress or taking care of business, you’ll be doing it in style.
You’re a lucky lady: you’ve got an oval-shaped face. That means you can pull off just about any look when it comes to sunglasses. Rectangle frames are often chosen for their horizontal orientation to balance an oval face’s vertical. And upswept styles are good for complimenting high cheekbones. So whether you’re planning to spend lots of time poolside, or even just want some time to yourself, find the shades that fit you best.


Fabulous! Your face shape is round. Characterized by soft, contoured, feminine features, round faces generally have a width and height that are roughly equivalent. There are a lot of great opportunities to show off your style with a nice pair of shades. Whether you’re out at the beach or going for a drive, geometric shapes like horizontal frames, Wayfarers and rectangle shapes will give your face a longer, thinner look. So offset your contours and gain an elegant edge today.



Absolutely lovely: you’ve got a heart-shaped face. This typically means there’s a good chance you’ve got a broader brow and a narrow chin. You can direct attention downward or elongate your look to even out proportions with the right pair of frames. Style consultants recommend light-colored frames, frames with thin temples, or frames with exaggerated bottoms for heart shapers. So pick up a new pair to love today, because there’s no better way to guard against everything from camera flashes to the sun’s rays.

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