Cruz is 70's hot! She's feisty, charming and a little bit cheeky with a twist of summer sun. 

She's that daring darling that's going to be your go-to for the scorching days ahead, and that effortless stroll down to your next luncheon, with excessive badass attitude.

Cruz is the only pair of shades that you can wear from day to night without looking like an absolute Kanye. No shade on Kanye - he's just... Kanye.

We'd all like to be her when we grow up.

Or, at least, we'd like to learn how to be as cool as her on a daily basis, and stop responding to life with a absolute awkwardness. In the same way that buying more, by a price tag, would surely make you buy less, we have finally learned that the right kind of luxury investment is also not that expensive but still luxe on the eyes.

Anybody who has ever been obsessed with sunglasses will tell you the same thing, it's vitally crucial to find a pair you can rock like a rockstar to your next glam party, and Cruz has you covered from day to night. 

Cruz knows best.

Less is more.

You'll literally never want to take them off.

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