Everyone who’s anyone knows that New York Fashion week is one of, if not the biggest weeks within the fashion industry for the year. There’s going to be fashionistas, bloggers, editors, stylists and models taking over every trendy coffee shop in NY - you have been warned. And with the fashion world stampedeing through every corner of New York comes with it photo-hungry snappers or photographers (is the technical term for said snappers). Unfortunately tickets to the runway shows are no longer available to the general public and if you haven’t already bought a flight to the States it can be a pretty hefty flight, but newsflash peeps: you don’t have to be technically part of the fashion elite to feel like a true fashionista. Just because you’re not sitting front row with your best pair of shades on watching every glamazon strut the catwalk live doesn’t mean you can’t pop on your best shades and strut down your local boulevard - and we’ve got you covered for all your outfit inspiration, sunglasser obsession, New York Fashion Week extravagenza. From all the best shows, to what the it-list are wearing and what glasses make the cut for our favorite fashion bloggers. We’ll have you itching to book your ticket to New York Fashion Week 2017 - Shevoke in hand (of course). Enjoy, and remember - you’re a star.

NY styles our fashion bloggers are loving right now: 

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