Q&A with Mikkel Kristensen

 Meet the photographer behind Shevoke's latest campaign in Copenhagen- Mikkel Kristensen, Co-founder, and owner of @popcopenhagen.


Tell us a bit about yourself - Where are you from?

Born in Hong Kong to Danish parents. Lived in Copenhagen all of my adult life. I get out of town quite often however, and now making a move to Portugal to open a little hotel.


You live in Copenhagen,  What are some of your favourite places (restaurants, shops, destinations, or other!) that non-native might not know about?

In the summer, drive up the coast a bit to the Arne Jacobsen designed gas station, where there is now a little ice cream shop. Continue to Louisiana Contemporary Museum by the coast. If you don’t feel the urge to return to the city yet, drive all the way to Hornbæk (my childhood town) and the beach there, which is where we shot this campaign. In Copenhagen you often find me at Hotel Sanders, pretending I moved in like Heltmut at Marmont. 


How did you get into photography? Did you take a course, or are you self-taught?

I found my dad’s old SLR Minolta when I was about 18 and it just struck a chord I guess. I’m mainly self-taught.


Where has photography taken you around the world?

Literally, to Ibiza, LA, Portugal, Paris, London.. Figuratively to the moon and back.


What is one travel/destination highlight that your work has given you?

I would hardly call it work, it's more so a glorified hobby, but I am a sucker for Chateau Marmont.


What are your go-to sources of inspiration?

Bukowski books, films with certain aesthetics, my moms old photo albums & swim editorials of the 70's.


What are your favourite types of locations to shoot and why?

Somewhere sun-drenched and private, or luxurious hotels haunted by the ghosts of past glamorous guests.


Who is your ultimate fashion muse?



Do you have a favourite pic from the Shevoke shoot? 


What would be your favourite Shevoke sunglass in the shoot?

Norm Black & Tortoise.


Key piece of advise for any inspiring photographers?

Be dead serious about keeping it fun.




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