In line with the launch of this new collection, we sat down with fashion muse Molly King herself for a brief chat:


 1. What inspired you to create this collection? 

I never leave the door without my Celine sunglasses.. They have been my go-to shade/accessory since I laid eyes on them 2 years ago. I haven't found a pair of sunglasses that I've been as in love with since.. So when Lisa approached me to collaborate on a range with Shevoke, I was so beyond flattered to create a style that would be my new go-to, a pair I could style with every outfit.


2. What is your favourite colour from the collection and why?

 They are all my fav's of course.. ;) If I had to choose a colour that I wouldn't usually go for, the Castaway shade in white would have to be it! In production, I would try this shade on and it had such a wow factor! This style just makes me want to vacay!


3. What will you be pairing these sunglasses with this summer?  

Summer dresses, denim, resort wear, staples, bikinis... The list goes on!


4. How did you get into styling?

 I started to become really infatuated with fashion editorial's growing up, I would collect fashion magazines religiously. It was just my thing. I loved the idea of styling a photoshoot & creating outfits.. I studied at a fashion college after high school and the rest is history.. :)


5. What do you love most about your job? 

I think the most rewarding side of my job is the creative people I get to meet on jobs, it's always a new team which is exciting. I've made some pretty cool friends from all around the world... Travelling has definitely been a perk too!


6. Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to get into styling?

Be ready for a 'not so glamorous' job! There is an intense physical side to styling which nobody warned me about, definitely keeps you on your feet! Organisation is your best friend. Be original. Mx



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