Introducing the very beautiful, flirtatious, bubbly and strictly blonde bombshell that is Hannah. 


She's your modern day tom boy, messy hair, make-up free smooth as silk skin, she wears pants as much as pink. She’s carefree, slightly rebellious and as playful as your 8 month old kitten. 


Hannah has one of those striking faces that you cannot take your eyes off, her beauty will forever be burnt into the back of you brain, she's got style that's from another time, yet, somehow equally ahead of her time. You'll never see her taking herself too seriously, but respected by all. She's the girl dancing by herself with not a care in the world. She's Hannah. With as much charm as she carries we had to name our carefree, pink, transparent shades after her, because who else could suit the style better. 


Happy Friday babes, 

Don't forget to wear your best shades this weekend

Holly xx

Photographer // Jocelyn James @joce.james

info shevoke

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