Q&A With Lisa Hyde

What have you been up to since filming Bachelors in Paradise?

Despite the confusing exit where everyone was left to believe I gave old mate an ultimatum, the real reason why I left the show was due to an exciting opportunity for Shevoke. Prior to the show I had been working hard on growing Shevoke within Australia so when I found out the news that a popular department store in London was interested in stocking Shevoke I couldn’t pass that up. Since the show I made the trip to London and managed to fit in a weekend in Paris I couldn’t be happier to be sharing the MASSIVE NEWS VERY SOON !! 

Can you tell us what goes on behind the scenes? 

Sure, each day filming doesn't start to 12, so we have the morning to relax or workout. Most mornings I would run along the beach followed by paddle boarding until a producer would round us all up to get mic’d. Once filming starts you usually have to stay around the pool area (pretty much what you see on tv). The days are very long and can get quiet boring as there wasn’t much else to do but drink and talk about each other, not really my thing so I did struggle with finding things to pass the time by. One of my favourite days was when Laurina and I set up a beauty salon and gave the boys facial treatments!


What's next for you? 

Apart from going back to the old fashioned way of dating (laughs).... The next few months i'll be working really hard to launch Shevoke within Asia and Europe! I’m ready for whatever opportunity or adventure comes my way, I feel 2018 is going to be a big year for not only Shevoke but my own personal growth. 


You travel a lot, what has been your favourite place so far?

GET YOURSELF TO BARCELONA, SPAIN!! This was honestly my favourite place to visit. I loved everything about it, from the culture, the art, the food, the people...if you're looking for somewhere a little different this is your place. Also try out the casa's, they are like airbnbs and most of them are amazing! 


Talk us through your average day, how do you balance a healthy lifestyle & a busy social life while also being a certified girlboss and building an eyewear empire? 

As a business owner my day to day routine changes quite a bit, however I always like to fit in a morning swim and boxing session 2-3 times week, i'm also obsessed with Bikrim Yoga, I aim to do 3-4 classes a week. When it comes to my working week at Shevoke I always believe there is something new to learn, Shevoke has grown so quickly some days I feel I am still finding my feet. I'm consistently challenging myself and doing things I never thought I could actually do. As any girlboss would know, it's what we love and if you are passionate and believe in yourself you know its exactly where you are meant to be.


You’ve been referred to as “the fashionable one” out of the BIP cast, what's your go to style for everyday elegance? 

Well thanks (giggles)... I think the biggest thing about style is confidence and knowing your body shape. Own your style and if you’re not sure how to find it search through Pinterest and create mood boards of outfits you like - majority of the time you’ll be choosing similar styles, and always remember to take an honest friend shopping. I'm obsessed with Silk Dresses at the moment, most of my wardrobe is from Ginia RTW, Bec and Bridge or Carver The Label. I love to feel comfortable but also ladylike in all my outfits. I usually pair a silk dress with a printed tee, or silk shirt with my staple denim pieces.


What are your must have looks for the season, what are you wearing this Spring? 

My wardrobe staple atm is the ‘Long Nite’ Silk v-neck dress from Ginia RTW becuase it is so versatile. I literally have every colour and its super easy to dress up or down depending on where i'm going. Right now i’m obsessed with Micro Shades, so I’m pairing most of my outfits with the BERTIE SUNGLASSES !!


What have been the best moments of 2018 so far? 

My recent business trip to London & Paris has certainly been the best and most memorable. I was there showcasing Shevoke's latest collection which I'm super stoked to say it will launch here in Australia very soon! Also being on BIP has certainly been a topic of conversation and one that, regardless of the outcome, I am super proud of myself for the decisions I made and the friends that I have gained.


On that note who was your favourite person on BIP?

Tbh that is a really hard question. The person who surprised me the most and was very different to what I saw on The Bachelorette was Blake, he's actually really fun to be around. I think out of everyone I got along with Michael the most, we just always had something to talk about, he is exactly the person you see on TV, very kind and honest. Oh and my lady loves who made me laugh everyday; Laurina, Keira, Tara and Nina.


What’s the best advice you give someone?

Be yourself and make the most out of everyday. Everyone is striving for something, so whatever it may be for you my advice is put your head down and work hard. Nothing ever comes easy but if it did how boring would life be!!! Try Bikrim Yoga, it’s life changing.

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The sunglasses are such shit quality though – literally crap, fall apart, lenses are all faulty. What a joke and a waste of my money and time!

Kelly January 14, 2019

You were so classy and effortless on BIP!

If you ever get to the stage of launching in Asia, hit up A Vibe in HK. Director and owner Davena Mok is a gun and fellow Aussie girl. She’s super connected! And works with some major brands.

Good luck with your biz x

Tash Ting April 30, 2018

Hi Lisa, I did watch BIP a couple of times and well, good show. Congrats on the new business venture too. I hope you can use that to inspire lots of young people out there. As for love and dating, the circus goes on. It ain’t any easier for normal people off camera either lmao. It makes one wonder what anyone must do to find the one, or maybe it’s just a fantasy created by the media about romance. Great cast and good luck in future. And oh, read a lot of books on your travels 😉

Michael April 30, 2018

Hi Lisa, I can’t believe good looking people also find it hard to meet nice people. With Shevoke, are the sunglasses polarise and unisex?

Vu April 27, 2018

Hey beautiful Lisa!!
I’m a 21 year old uni student from Sydney, I’ve been following you for years and love your positive approach to life!! I’m currently struggling on what path Im meant to go down and face a lot of self doubt when it comes to building myself a career. The fashion industry is a tough one and a pretty intimidating one that, with a number of internships I still think Im at level 0.. Its so hard to not compare yourself to others. I guess I’m stuck in this weird place of what I want to do but too scared to go out of whats considered ’normal’’ to pursue it. Did you ever face any self doubt or did you always have the I don’t give a f*** about what anyone thinks attitude? Deffinitely something I’m trying to get better at (any advice?! haha) Congrats on your success, couldn’t think of anyone more deserving.
Much love, Kate xx (p.s Sorry its a long one, always been trying to find a place to contact you)

Kate April 27, 2018

We didn’t get to see your date with Luke on BIP which I’m so sad about. Can you describe in detailed what happened? Did you share your first kiss then? I’m so sad us viewers didn’t get to see it. We only saw a bit in the promo. Love you lisa xx

Mina April 27, 2018

have you been in contact eith Michael ever since you left paradise?

Evie April 27, 2018

This may sound completely random haha but I was just wondering, when and how did you know you wanted to design sunglasses and have your own brand? I just think it’s really cool and if it’s not too much asking, how did Shevoke come about?

By the way, just wanted to say, I think you’re super lovely. Onwards and upwards always Lisa :) xox

Mila April 27, 2018

Hi Lisa! I was wondering, in bachelor in paradise how off was the editing? Is what we are seein mainly what happened or is it made to be viewed how they want it xx

Ally April 27, 2018

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