Arguably one of the best things about the technology is the ability to view moments, events and places - all over the world. Over the years, the Shevoke team has seen some of the most desirable, alluring locations documented around the world, by our favourite girls.
We’ve caught ourselves dreaming, wondering, and when were lucky – planning new adventures to unknown cities and dream locations. All these incredible spots visited, and moments captured by our muses have been cultivated by us here, to incite the same passion and wanderlust we feel daily! This is our travel diary, and you are very welcome…

A fashion capital, the most ambitious city in the world, and home to some of the world’s greatest inspirations and influential figures of all time. NY is alive with a pulse that all travellers will feel when visiting – possibly embodied in the 4am car horns, or the vigour and go-getter attitude of the city locals. Or maybe just the endless (but admirable) rush most seem to be in. Despite the impressive skyscrapers that sweep across every street of Manhattan, NY is the
city with no ceiling for the driven and curious, and it promises to never let your expectations down. NY will always be a destination favourite. A place to dream big, to move constantly and to express yourself. New York New York!

A location brimming with old seaside cities and towns, sun-tanned locals, fruit markets and dreamy waterside restaurants. The towns inhabiting the south coast of France all possess their own wonder and charm, from Monaco, Nice and St. Tropez - all giving us something fresh and different to experience with culture, attitude and personality. And of course, the most beautiful beaches we have seen, we will most definitely pay that 25 euro for a day bed! With a glass of cold rosè fresh vongole and some live music – the French Riviera is truly a dream.

The charm and beauty of Paris, stemming from old architecture and years of cultural presence, it’s fashion, and it’s honest and forward Parisienne women – has been a longstanding dream location for holiday-ers worldwide. And we are no exception. The city’s cobblestone paving has laid the grounds for cultural inspirations and ground-breaking fashion innovations for decades – just look at their fashion week.

Home to some of the coolest girls we know, Copenhagen is a city filled with unparalleled culture, world-renowned restaurants and some of fashion’s biggest and innovative names. As the city is a few degrees cooler than most, it holds the most beautiful charm during it's winters – whilst still possessing lovely local beaches during summer. We fell more in love with Copenhagen during our most recent beach-side shoot with muse, Josefine.

With the idea of Sydney, comes the inseparable association with it’s stunning Bondi Beach, a dream location especially during it’s summer months. As the weather warms, all will be found either beach or poolside enjoying the clear skies, and the soul-warming summer vibe that buzzes through the whole city during these blissful months. From bar-hopping, to sunset picnics in perfect temperatures, and late-night parties at some of the coolest venues, Sydney places high up on our list and is fortunately the place we call home.
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And just in case your still wanting more destination inspiration, check out our polished and curated travel mood boards on HERE
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