Last week team Shevoke were lucky enough to score an invite to a very exclusive and intimate breakfast with Eva Chen, Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram. Eva is an industry heavyweight, scouted by Anna Winter herself she was the youngest ever Editor at Condè Nast. Take a look below for a sneak peak behind the scenes at this intimate event, and find out Eva's top tips to grow your audience and engage with your followers on Instagram.  

The intimate breakfast was hosted at Sydney's Beta Bar and among the guests were Australia's emerging and established style set including Shevoke Founder & Creative Director Lisa Hyde, Pip Edwards of P.E. Nation, Lisa Messenger of The Collective Hub, Parlour X's Eva Galambos & Vanessa Carver of Carver the Label. 

Shevoke Founder & Director Lisa Hyde pairs the just landed Norm Black shades with an outfit from Ganni via Tuchuzy Store. See more of Lisa's personal style here.

Eva's Top Tips

Be Authentic -  try to capture things that are real, people follow you because they want to see through your eyes and particularly with fashion, they want to peep behind the velvet rope. Rather than posting highly edited and curated content, give people a look behind the scenes - show them things from your point of view and things they couldn't see elsewhere! Be real, not perfect!

Quantity Over Quality - Usually we assume things should be the other way around, however with Instagram the key to reaching and engaging with your audience is quantity. Eva shared some statistics, and without going into the number crunching, posting more regularly is a great way to ensure you are seen by your followers. This makes sense when you think about the large number of accounts most fashion addicts are following and the fact that people rarely scroll though their entire feed. 

Encourage Engagement - Reply to comments, ask questions and get involved with the online community by speaking with them more. When a follower engages with your content regularly the Instagram Algorithm ensures that your content is pushed to the front of their feed. Not only will you gain more attention, you will also have a meaningful way to connect with your friends, family, customers and peers and let them in on whats happening in your world. 

We hope you loved reading this as much as we loved hearing it from Eva. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact form here. 



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