Shevoke was born in the coastal town of Sydney, Australia in 2014.  It comes from a love of arts, travel and growing up in the sun. Inspired by style icons of the past, Shevoke sunglasses are a fine balance of vintage meets contemporary style. Curating a range of designs heavily influenced by the iconic styles of the 90's and 00's, whilst catering to all face shapes.

From design to production, our vision is to create an original and timeless sunglass of the highest quality with the least impact on our environment. Our why is in the definition of Shevoke; we want to evoke an emotion of pride, strength and individuality when customers wear our sunglasses.

Shevoke recently launched their handcrafted collection of eco-friendly eyewear that is manufactured sustainably and ethically using a plant-based plastic that is durable, lightweight and hypoallergenic.



Lisa Hyde was born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. With a passion for arts and travel, she sought a trade that would allow her creativity as well as freedom. At the age of 17, Lisa started designing & producing her own clothing line which she sold at the local markets.

Lisa gained experience in design, sales and marketing and earned a bachelors degree in business before she begun her journey in the eyewear industry.

Lisa’s dream is to open her own eyewear boutique, showcasing her authentic designs and innovative marketing strategies to create a unique retail experience.