Shevoke is an independent Australian brand creating design-led sunglasses for the effortless minimalist, anchored in earthly tones with a dash of seasonal colour.
Founded in the coastal city of Sydney in 2014, by designer Lisa Hyde. Shevoke is a premium, high fashion sunglass label that has quickly become a favourite of celebrities and fashion influencers around the world.
Inspired by style icons of the past, our sunglasses are a fine balance of vintage meets contemporary style. Curating a range of designs from traditional silhouettes, such as the 50's cat-eye to the 90's micro-frames, whilst catering to all face shapes.
From design to production, our vision is to create a timeless sunglass of the highest quality with the least impact on our environment. Our why is in the definition of Shevoke; we want to evoke an emotion of pride, strength and individuality when our customers wear our sunglasses. 
Shevoke's designs are worn by the heavy weight fashion muses of the world. 


A creative at her core, our girl finds solace in modern arts and cultures. Always curious and eager to learn more, she is forever exploring whilst harnessing the latest insights into travel, technology and design.
Always in search of new experiences, she is at her happiest when she's traveling, immersed in the outdoors, with or without her girl gang by her side.
Chic, distinctive and confident, she takes pride in her effortless style and fashion.
She is Shevoke.