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 Shevoke is your shortcut to notoriously cool frames worn by the heavy weights of the fashion world & on a global scale.

Designed in Australia, by Lisa Hyde. 



 Used to refer to a woman, girl, or female animal previously mentioned or easily identified.


 A female; a woman.



 Stimulate or incite (someone) to do or feel something.

 "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." —Miuccia Prada

 Women evoke a response from their sense of fashion, good, bad or in different. We tell a story from the way we dress & carry ourselves. Fashion is the fabrication to our existence, in quite a literal sense. Our level of confidence is draped over us when we decide on each & every accessory for the day.

 Lisa has seen the effect of fashion on the confidence level of women in this sphere. She wanted to create a brand that allowed women to express themselves in a powerful and feminine way without distracting from the strength and determination that exists in a woman’s eyes. 

 Shevoke eyewear symbolises female empowerment. They emphasise a woman’s nature, story & path. Whether you be futuristically slim, still stuck in the 90’s or perhaps fantasize over a Hepburn cat-eye. They are the first impression you show the world. They act as an extension to your aura and help shape the person you want to be perceived as. 

 She- being you, provoke- a response from the way you dress.

 This is what makes Shevoke.

You are Shevoke.


The Shevoke Girl

“Whether she’s relaxing on the coast, exploring a distant land, or losing herself in adventure, the shevoke girl transforms the complexities of as contemporary lifestyle into everyday life.

A creative at her core, our girl finds solace in modern arts and cultures. Always curious to learn more, she is forever exploring while harnessing the latest insights on unique travel tips, technology and design.

Always in search of new experiences, she is her happiest when she’s traveling, immersed in the outdoors, with her girl gang by her side.”



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