“It’s best to be as transparent as possible”, they say. But looks like today’s fashionistas have taken this quite literally! The current latest trend of transparent eyewear has taken the fashion circuit by storm! Think of the transparency seen in the precious stones and you would understand the transparent eyewear trend correctly. They have the similar calm, serene, soft and glamorous essence. Think delicate, dainty and bold. 
These aren’t your high school chemistry lab glasses and they're not directly out of a 70's film. Transparent frames, in a variety of hues, shapes, and transparencies, continue to be a popular trend for 2016. Streamlined, clean, and modern – clear frames are slightly updated from your tradition 70's frame this season with soft muted colors to add a feminine appeal.
Our favourite is the Chloe frames as seen above. You can shop the style here
Model: Elly Kathryn
Photographer: Anthony Wright

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