You’d recognise her anywhere. She is the fresh faced, Bali-based, 17-year-old who a matter of years ago became a mainstay on our social media feeds with every Australian designer coveting her look.

Growing up in Bali, Inka Williams is a tropical goddess with captivating brown eyes, honey skin and tousled sunkissed hair. Her Instagram has us swooning (and wonderlusting) with all her shots featuring lush greenery, crystal clear oceans and plates of ripe tropical fruit and Açaí bowls.

Shot by Amberly Valentine, we got our hands on these incredible images of Inka wearing our Chloe glasses. It’s a dream to see such a pure beauty in her element wearing one of our favourite pieces. Seeing these pictures reminds us of how understated styling, allowing your natural beauty radiate, and feeling comfortable in your skin is so important.

This summer keep it simple. Inspired by Inka we’re toning it back to white cotton basics, sea-salt hair and light makeup. Let those freckles show through! And more than anything
we’re embracing her wide-eyed wonder for the world. That means more
beach days, waterfall chasing and time spent with good friends. Yes, please!

Thank you to Amberly Valentine & Inka for these beautiful shots.
Shop the CHLOE sunglass HERE

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