We've joined forces with content creator and L.A. stylist Courtney Mawhorr to come up with limited-edition collection.

At just 21 Coco has already made a big name for herself in the fashion industry, working with the likes of Chanel, Dior, and Marc Jacobs. Courtney is a ball of creative energy - an active content creator with skills equal behind the camera.  

Shevoke ★ COCO is heavily influenced by the iconic styles of the 90’s and 00’s. Characterised by its unique shield lens, vintage appeal and signature gold branding, the collection perfectly captures Coco's "eccentric chic" style in a very wearable frame.
Learn more about the girl defining the fashion looks of tomorrow in our Q&A with Coco.
Tell us a bit about yourself - where are you from?

Hi! I’m coco, I'm 21 and from Jupiter Florida, a small beach town along the coast.

I grew up wearing bikinis, converse and sunnies and typically have always had a love for accessorising with a pair of vintage sunglasses. I seriously have a collection of maybe over 100 pairs. I grew up always being the super creative odd ball out - only loved art class and taking photos of myself after school dressed up in cute outfits.


How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as "eccentric chic" I am typically always stepping outside the box when it comes to my personal style and always trying to find the route someone hasn’t taken. Trends are constant and move so fast so instead of sticking to trends i am always trying to create my own and keep dressing up fun.

What is something people may not know about you?

I'm 5’4 - I'm a shortie, everyone says I am a tall creator by seeing me on the internet but when they meet me there like WOAH!!!! You're actually short !!!!!

Is this your first collaboration collection, what made you choose sunglasses with SHEVOKE?

This is my first collection :) Typically I wouldn’t want to create with any brand that didn’t align with my sense of style or vision behind building my own collection. Sunglasses are my favourite accessory and by already being a fan and daily wearer of Shevoke it was an immediate yes.


What inspired you to create this collection?

1990s Kate Moss for Georgio Armani has a huge pull on this collection, i was very inspired by the shapes and acetate from this year and it inspired me so much while designing these, and of course Kate modelling them makes everything look better.

Do you have a favourite style?

MINE!!! I hope that doesn't sound odd but I truly have found myself in my style and really have been able to achieve and be my most confident self due to my style.


Who is your ultimate fashion muse?

I have many but ill give you a list of a few - KATE MOSS, Princess Diana, Winona Ryder, Young Natalie Portman, and Gwen Stefani.


Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to get into styling/modelling/Influencing?

Truly there’s one answer and its be yourself - Sticking to your own style and using your brain to create all your magical looks will always make you stand out in a crowd of people. If we're all following the same trends and copying each other 24/7 no one will have any sense of uniqueness and nothing will be cool. Sticking to what you love and what is cool to you will always get you farthest. And of course always be kind :)

Update your wardrobe this summer with a pair (or two) of Shevoke COCO sunglasses, we promise you won’t regret it!