Reese Witherspoon has a heart-shaped face. Heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead and chin, sweeping down into a pointed chin, often creating a sweet and cheerful look. Some heart faces can be long, others may be rounded.  Cute and adorable, this face shape can also appear flirty and downright sexy. Other celebrities with heart faces include: HALLE BERRY \\ JENNIFER LOVE-HEWITT \\ ZOOEY DESCHANEL \\ EVA LONGORIA \\ ASHLEY OLSEN 
More of our fav styles for Square faces: 
Jen has a round/oval face, giving her plenty of options when it comes to frame shape. Other celebrities that have round faces include: KATE BOSWORTH \\ MIRANDA KERR \\ OLIVIA MUNN \\ CHARLIE THERON \\ EMMA STONE
More of our fav styles for Round faces: 
Proportionally speaking, oval faces have it the easiest when it comes to finding the perfect sunglasses style. The height, width, chin and jaw measurements of these faces are all within average ranges of each other, making this the most common (and the most enviable) face shape of all. Women with oval faces can usually get away with wearing any sort of eyewear. But of course one shape stands out more than the rest and that more delicate, petite and rounded sunglasses. We love our Magnus on oval shapes. Other celebrities with oval face shapes include: SELMA HAYEK \\ TINA FEY \\ OPRAH \\ JENNIFER CONNELLY \\ EMMA WATSON
More of our fav styles for Oval faces: 
There's no denying Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful faces in the world, with her defined jaw line and perfect pout it's no wonder she suits almost all sunglasses shapes, her favourites are still the more rounded shapes like our Hester's - perfect for any square face shape. Other celebs that have a square face include: RIHANNA \\ EMILY DESCHANEL \\ LADY GAGA \\ DEMI MOORE \\ NATALIE PORTMAN
More of our fav styles for Square faces: 


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