Jodi embodies everything beautiful you'd expect to see from an Aussie super model, beautiful, charismatic, charming, bronzed, toned and those messy tresses that every female loathes. She's everyones friend and easy on the eye, she's essentially the aussie version of Gigi Hadid that has you going back for more, or at least on your insta - don't lie you all have definitely stalked her babe worthy feed at least once. 
Jodi is the ultimate sass queen, and I don't mean sassy - more like the queen of cool with your typical Sydney relaxed yet passionate attitude. We met her earlier last week for the first time and it was almost like being reunited with your long lost sister after years apart, easy. In contrast to the pretty and always beautiful shoots Jodi usually embodies we wanted to take her out of her natural habitat and get her completely raw and straight up - of course she nailed it. We're obsessed. 
Meet Jodi, the blonde bombshell of the moment with a dash of absolute coolness. 


Have a wonderful weekend beauties, 



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