We chat with the super talented Jimmy from The Life of Jimmyy about dream shoots, location envy and local-only spots on the Gold Coast. We love Jimmy’s laid-back Miami beach aesthetic and this is no more evident than in his shoot with stylist Kellee Aleman which is all about baby-pink, sexy late-70s Gold Coast vibes.

Cruz & Chloe

We are you based?  

Gold Coast Qld Australia


What are your favourite haunts that area only a local would know?

Little Spot called Cock Rock, if you have never heard of it just look up the hashtag :P it’s something else. 


What is your dream shoot location (no expense spared, it could be anywhere)?  

Wow with so many beautiful locations in the world this is a hard one. There is one that stands out and that would be Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy - if you haven't seen it make sure you do...

Chloe & Cruz

As a photographer you would know some pretty awesome muses on social media, who should we be following?

With so many amazing pages out there it's so hard to say. We all know the people killing it in the industry, guys like Pixpop & Burnt Breakfast being a big inspiration in the industry also Cameron Hammond smashing out the game shooting so many amazing things in so many amazing location around the world, though I also get a lots of inspiration from @marooshk & @clinteastwood but the list could go on and on but there is also so many smaller names killing it also.


Your Instagram is giving us location envy, what are your top three beaches to visit in Australia? 

Ok don't get me wrong I know I live on the Gold Coast and we have some of the most amazing beaches in Australia haha but my top three would have to be... Number 1, in Brontie Beach in Sydney, the place is seriously so beautiful with the pool in the Conor and the cliffs. Number 2, there is a little spot just down the coast from me called Whites Beach, and for anyone who knows about it knows how amazing it is. It’s another world down there reminds me of Jurassic Park but without the Dinosours haha. Number 3 I’ll bring it back up this way and will have to say Tallebudgera Beach. This spot is almost like you are on a mini island holiday on the most perfect day.


What’s next? Where do you have your sights set for the rest of 2017?

Well 2017 - I really want to start shooting & focusing on capturing those moments instead of planning every shoot. I have set my goals up high and I am chasing what I really want to do. Plenty of that is traveling to new destinations, if plane tickets where not so expensive I would be half way around the world in a new location every week.


Jimmy wanted to add a big thank you to @kelleealeman for all the styling for the efforts she put into these photos, 'with so many different looks she 100% killed every one of them'. 

 @thelifeofjimmyy || @kelleealeman


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