Have you seen our newest style, the Hepburns? Vintage inspired, they’re an on-point mix of late-80’s Moss x classic Audrey x LA street-style blogger. This shape, worn by the likes of American it-girl Cyd Morris of Stone Cold Fox and Alexandra Spencer of Realisation Par, you know they’re kind of a big deal right now.
In classic black (so chic), and white frames with baby blue or black glass there’s a pair to suit every edgy and effortlessly cool Shevoke lover. Here’s a little inspo to help you style your Hepburns this season…



The Hepburns in Black are for keeping it understated. Think the girl hanging at a café in Le Marais, wearing simple blue denim and neck scarves, people-watching behind her black frames. Pair it with cropped blue jeans, simple white button-ups and statement scarves or jewellery. Love.


White with black glass

This is for the girl who’s style is little bit cute but certainly cool. She’d be wearing her Hepburns with a Realisation Par dress, worn-denim jacket and white sneakers, heading to Bondi for brunch with her girlfriends.


White with baby-blue glass

Take me to LA baby! These glasses are entirely appropriate for riding in the vintage bens down the palm lined streets of Venice Beach. It’s all about gold hoops, Reformation dresses and sunshine. These Hepburns are for all the carefree chicas. So dreamy…

Take your pick! Shop them here.

Image credit: Pinterest, Realisation Par, @viciously_cyd and @chelseacrawfordd


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