Hailing from the Gold Coast, Madison Reinhardt of @studiomaddyellehardt has a background in modelling that has gifted her a strong eye and amazing aesthetic.

This is totally evident through her beautiful photo series. Working alongside her creative friends, their shots give insight into the Gold Coast’s dreamy beach-culture with sun-drenched and grainy images.

We were excited to see that Maddy had featured our favourite MUSE specs in her photo series ‘The Golden Hour’ and ‘Day Dreamer’. One of our best sellers (currently sold out but keep posted for restocks!), they look incredible styled with laid-back tees, tousled beach hair and summer-tanned skin.

Modelling in the shots herself, Maddy is the cool girl-next-door; dimple-cheeked and bright-eyed with an edgier grunge styling. We’ve put together some of our favourite shots from the photo series.

Thank you to Madison Reinhardt & her friends for these beautiful shots.
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